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Trope – London City Edition

Released: June 2019

Trope London, the second volume in the Trope City Editions series, celebrates the meeting of traditional and modern architecture that colours every view of the city. The collection highlights the photographic images of fourteen emerging and independent photographers from London and beyond.

This carefully curated and bound collection of 199 stunning photographs offers a new perspective of London. Each of the nine chapters is accompanied by a map, along with the locations where the photographs were taken. From high above the London Eye to deep within the Underground, these images command a strong point of view: digitally processed, filtered, toned, de-saturated, sharpened, for a very urban sensibility. Showcasing both the moody romanticism and striking modernism of contemporary London, the images reveal distinctive and dramatic visions of one of the world’s greatest cities.


To coincide with the release of Trope’s collection of books is a documentary series “One Frame”. The series profiling 10 emerging photographers including Lucy Hamidzadeh from around the world navigating through the complex social media world of Instagram. Their stories give a glimpse into the global stage that social media has created. These short films take Terry Maday’s team to locations throughout Hong Kong, London and Chicago for a unique perspective on urban photographers and their environment.


Documentary featuring Lucy Hamidzadeh street photographer & writer – Unfinished Stories